ICT Solutions & IT

Do you want to increase the efficiency and performance of your installations?

ICT Solutions & Marketing

Did you know that the IP video helps marketing departments to identify trends and manage the point of sale?

ICT Solutions & Finances

Did you know that unified communications allow you to save up to 30% in energy?

ICT Solutions & Management

Did you know that 79% of business executives report that wireless services are indispensable to the growth of their business?


We provide solutions in structured cabling systems and high performance wireless networks.

Corporate communications

We favour the growth of your business by implementing technological solutions.

Engineering and IT Management

We provide scalable, adaptable and high availability IT solutions.

Security and Access Control

We suply physical and logical security to your company.


AVAYA CU360, the “plug and play” videoconferencing solution

  • Oriented to Huddle Rooms
  • A compact all-in-one system
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Integrable with any standards-based
    video infrastructure
  • Next generation cloud capabilities


Get absolute control of the devices that access your red

  • CLEARPASS is a network access control and cybersecurity policy management solution
  • Identify, authenticate and authorize any access to the network
  • For wired, wireless or VPN networks
  • Integrable with specific IT applications and security services in the cloud
  • Multi-provider and 100% centralized solution



Success stories

The Institut Guttmann embraces unified communications in its organization

Institut Guttmann had an analogical telephone system with offering limited benefits. Aware of the daily mobility needs of the staff as well as the modernization of their working tools, the manager decides to implement a unified communications system, with the aim of simplifying the management of the communications and improving the service offered to the patients through a greater mobility of the staff, both in the hospital itself and remotely.

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