Instel offers technological solutions in the cloud and on a pay-per-use basis

Implement flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your business needs

Digital transformation is modifying companies' processes and operability in order to make them more productive and efficient. The market demands solutions that can be used on demand quickly and easily, thereby reducing CAPEX investment.

Cloud solutions enable organisations to grow in a flexible and modular way with controlled costs and adapted to the company's specific needs.

How can Instel help you?

Instel offers its technological solutions as a service and on a pay-per-use basis. Instel helps you to avoid over-sizing your infrastructure, minimise management times by only paying for what you need at all times.

Infrastructure as a Service

Instel helps you to migrate your IT infrastructure to an IaaS model, reducing hardware investments, maintaining a local data centre and providing high flexibility to scale.

Software as a Service

Through a subscription/pay-per-use model, Instel provides users with access to business software applications  SaaS  hosted in the cloud through the network. A comprehensive software solution that ensures application and data availability and security, reducing implementation, expansion and upgrade costs.


  • Cost savings. Through payment adapted to use and without resources dedicated to hardware maintenance.
  • Reduced management times. Through agile and simple implementations.
  • Greater accessibility. Through information availability.
  • Increased security. Through secure encryption and automatic backups.
  • Expansion capacity. Through access, usually by license and a monthly fee.

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Implement flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your business needs.


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