IP telephony

Instel provides communication tools focused on business development and improved productivity

Guarantees efficient and quality communication

The evolution of telephony towards unified IP communication systems is providing companies with high added value beyond call generation.

Its integration with existing corporate systems such as corporate messaging, ERP applications, CRM as well as other collaboration tools, make IP telephony a communication solution that is ready for hybrid and mobile work scenarios.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to implement on-premise or 100% cloud IP telephony solutions aimed at improving and simplifying communications, boosting employee productivity and improving customer experience.

IP telephony platforms

Instel provides modular and flexible IP telephony solutions that fit the needs of different types of users, from those who only require basic voice and messaging capabilities to users with integrated unified communications needs  collaboration, IM and presence, video, call recording, etc.

Terminals and devices

Instel provides an extensive range of devices  physical telephones, audio conferencing equipment, headsets, etc.  designed to offer a modern, connected and high-performance desktop experience.

Integration with other collaboration tools

Instel integrates IP telephony into a single interface with other proprietary or third-party applications and communication tools designed to provide users with real-time collaboration capabilities.

SIP-based voice security

Instel helps you to secure and protect your business communications. Instel guarantees encrypted, secure and efficient voice data transfer through a Session Border Controller (SBC).


  • Increased productivity. With more fluid and collaborative communications
  • Improved customer experience. Through multi-channel functionalities.
  • Flexible deployment. Cloud, hybrid, or on-site deployments.
  • Integration with other business solutions. Agile integration with other business applications.
  • Modular growth. Scalability up to 3000 users and up to 150 sites connected to the network.

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IP telephony

Guarantees efficient and quality communication.