Space management

Instel manages and optimises the use of spaces, facilitating automatic user allocation or booking

Optimise the management of meeting rooms, classrooms and other shared spaces in a simple and automated way

Work environments are dynamic, flexible and mobile and require tools that adapt to this new reality.

Efficient management of work and collaboration spaces enables companies to maximise their employees' productivity by making the booking and occupancy process quick and easy.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to manage your organisation's shared resources in a simple, agile and smart way. A multi-centre and multi-company solution for booking spaces and requesting services that can integrate with Active Directory, MS Exchange, Outlook.

Reading equipment

Use the same device for bookings and access control with user identification by code, card and/or fingerprint. Make bookings, release rooms and request services from the device.

Identification technologies

Instel facilitates multi-media identification with RFID cards, facial, fingerprint, mobile (biometrics  QR, NFC, App), tickets, labels with QR codes.

Management software

Software solution for managing (spaces  rooms, parking spaces, cabinets)  and other corporate services (book dining room shifts, book and open lockers and mailboxes).

Generate bookings, detect blockages and automatically release rooms that have been booked yet are unoccupied. It automatically assigns users for booking and managing permissions by user group.

Send reminder emails and generate occupancy reports and statistics. 


  • Improved productivity. Through automation.
  • Simplicity. Through a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Promotes more efficient processes. Search by availability, by centre, by capacity, by available resources.
  • Improves user experience. Automatic assignments, sending reminder emails.
  • Integration with collaboration tools. Integrates with the organisation's other subsystems.

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Other access control and presence solutions

Space management

Optimise the management of meeting rooms, classrooms and other shared spaces.

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Corporate marking

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Physical access control

It guarantees fast and secure identification and access.