WaterWorld and Aquadiver optimize customer access to their facilities through biometrics and QR code



Parcs Aquàtics de la Costa Brava, SL is formed by two water parks located in Gerona, Aquadiver in Platja d’Aro and Water World in Lloret de Mar, with an extension of 140,000m2 and more than 15 aquatic attractions.
Both parks have extensive catering areas, as well as other value-added services (rental of lockers, free parking, picnic area, nursing service).

The challenge

Parcs Aquàtics de la Costa Brava, SL had a solution of access control to the WaterWorld and Aquadiver parks that presented continuous failures in the reading process of fingerprints and QRs. A situation that caused inefficiencies in the access of customers to the parks, slowing down entries, increasing queues and having to solve incidents insitu. Therefore, they decided to renew their access system through a high-performance solution.

“Thanks to the new access system, we have improved customer management, speeding up entries, reducing queues and reinforcing control over promotions” “We are considering implementing an additional module proposed by Instel in the future: payment by biometrics. This will allow customers to use their footprint to pay in restaurants / bars, renting lockers, etc. Our goal is to offer a high value experience for the client”

Julián López-Arenas
Director at Parcs Aquàtics de la Costa Brava, SL.

The solution

To carry out the implementation, Parcs Aquàtics de la Costa Brava, SL got in touch with Instel, a telecommunications company with a long history in the implementation of access control and presence projects for the leisure and entertainment sector.

Once the needs of Parcs Aquàtics Costa Brava, SL were met, the hardware and software solutions of Intemo Technologies, a leading manufacturer in the development of access systems, were presented.

The starting scenario was to offer clients access through two routes, biometrics (fingerprint) and QR reading (both reading by mobile and printed ticket). Both reading systems have been integrated with the database and with the ticketing application of the two parks so that the user can be correctly identified with his ticket.

At the same time, the access system has been configured to be able to correctly cross the reading of data by biometrics and QR before special accesses: Season passes, 2×1 promotion (to visit the same park again), 2×1 promotion (for the visit of the other park). In all these cases, it has been fundamental to synchronize the databases of both parks in order to obtain correct readings and not to generate false positives or negatives in the access to the facilities.

The installed elements have been:


  • Improvement of parks image. State-of-the-art access technology, high-quality readers and design, intelligent and fault-free access.
  • Optimization in promotions management. The synchronization of databases between parks guarantees control and correct use of promotions
  • Customer information. Analytics and personalized reports on access, use habits of facilities, etc.
  • Access optimization. Greater control and precision over access to the facilities.
  • Scalability of the solution. An expandable and scalable access solution based on the needs of the parks.
  • Quick access to facilities. The agile and simple reading by fingerprint and QR allows quick access of customers to the facilities, significantly reducing the entry queues.
  • Ease and agility in the purchase of tickets. The customer does not necessarily have to buy the ticket in person at the park. You can make the online purchase by receiving a QR code that must scan in the park in paper format or through your smartphone and allows you direct access to the facilities.

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