Proclinic implements Avaya VideoConference in their branch offices



Proclinic SA has been distributing dental products, since 31 years ago, with the intention to satisfy the needs of clinics and dental laboratories. It´s structure is composed by 10 offices spread through the country (Barcelona, Badalona, Zaragoza, Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Granada and Seville). They have a logistics center in Zaragoza with a refrigerated and automated store from 12,000m2.

The challenge

Proclinic had implemented a video conference solution in all delegations that are part of their group. Their continuing need for meetings between delegations, trainings, made it a must have solution to maintain business continuity, improve productivity and reduce travel expenses.
However, they owned video conference equipment that weren´t available to fulfill those tasks because of its closed and inflexible system.
Therefore, Proclinic presented the need to renew their videoconference equipment with a modern, scalable enterprise solution.

“Instel is our main supplier of hardware, software and services for our group. Their commitment is demonstrated every day with custom tracking of our multiple requests. When we presented the need to renew our videoconferencing solution they offered us a solution tailored to the specific casuistry of our delegations, getting a video conference solution that is allowing us to optimize business efficiency and communication in real time”

Marc Sistac
Proclinic´s Systems and Technology Director

The solution

Once Proclinic’s needs were treated and the casuistry of the delegations was valorized, a pilot test was conducted in Barcelona with AVAYA SCOPIA (the Leading Solution in the Video Conference Market) and Proclinic could evaluate the suitability of this solution.

Having demonstrated its effectiveness, the implantation of the following elements of the solution was started:


Systems Department
  • Increased communication quality
  • Simultaneous Multipoint Communication (MCU)
  • Quick and easy integration with other business solutions
  • High communication security (Transversal Firewall)
Marketing / Commercial Department
  • Reduced time and increased productivity: Meetings in real time
  • Accessibility to meetings from any place or device
  • Decision-making acceleration
  • Increased business competitiveness
  • Faster diffusion of direct marketing campaigns to all the delegations

Technology Partner