Instel provides reliable and robust storage solutions that guarantee permanent access to data

Optimise workload performance and efficiency

The exponential growth of data that organisations are facing brings new storage management challenges.

In increasingly complex hybrid cloud environments, companies must have solutions that help them to improve data access, availability and management.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to simplify and modernise your storage infrastructure through solutions that can quickly scale from local environments to the cloud, guaranteeing data availability and reducing operational costs.

Storage cabinets

Instel provides storage infrastructure that maximises the performance of your applications with faster and more efficient access to information.

Unstructured data storage

Instel provides Network Attached Storage  NAS  solutions aimed at improving the density and performance of unstructured data workloads.

Storage networks

Instel modernises your storage area network with solutions that simplify SAN configuration and management through smart automation.


  • Simplified storage environment. Through simple interfaces.
  • Improved performance. Through low latencies and automation.
  • Agile expandability. Through fluid scaling.
  • Increased security. Through integrated data protection.
  • High availability. Through permanent data accessibility.

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