Instel improves efficiency and simplifies IT infrastructure management

Reduce operating costs by increasing resource flexibility and availability

As the company's needs grow, many organisations are forced to increase their computing equipment with a growing park of servers and establish new work environments in order to respond to processing and storage needs. This leads to more complex hardware management and increases ownership and operating costs for the business.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to improve the agility and scalability of your IT infrastructure through system virtualisation. Software is used to create a virtual replica of a physical resource, facilitating fast implementation of new services, guaranteeing resource availability and reducing costs for your organisation.

Server virtualisation

Instel simplifies IT infrastructure management by implementing virtual servers on a physical server. It improves the performance of your systems, provides permanent access to computing resources and reduces energy and hardware costs.

Desktop and application virtualisation

With the aim of responding quickly to the changing needs of the work environment, Instel implements a virtual desktop infrastructure  VDI  for users regardless of their personal equipment, facilitating access to resources and minimising start-up time for new users.


  • Cost savings. Through lower capital investment in hardware.
  • Efficient resource use. Trough better workload balancing.
  • Increased productivity. Through greater efficiency and responsiveness.
  • Reduced downtime. Through high availability.
  • Improved operational continuity  through fast disaster recovery.

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