Access and identity management

Instel provides companies with mechanisms that enable them to manage users, their identification data and access to resources

Ensure secure access to systems and applications

The IoT, mobility and the cloud increase exposure to vulnerabilities, forcing companies to strengthen security. 

Authentication and authorisation are the basic elements to be protected, while providing a fast and positive access experience for users.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to mitigate security risks by protecting access to systems and applications. It implements access, identity and authentication control mechanisms that establish permissions and monitor access to local or remote systems and applications, assigning, maintaining and controlling user profiles.

Network access control

Instel implements role-based access policies that provide visibility, control and dynamic and automated responses.

Identity management and authentication

Instel provides tools designed to verify a user's identity, authenticate and authorise them to use an organisation's systems and resources.

Technical auditing

Instel provides preventive tools for auditing systems, applications and data.

Biometric devices.

Instel provides tools for user authentication and identification through the use of card readers or fingerprint readers.


  • Secure access. Through user management and identification data.
  • Mobility and remote working. Corporate users access the corporate network with all the guarantees of security and features, regardless of location and/or device.
  • Resilience capacity of business activity. Through an agile and automatic response that limits damage and facilitates recovery.
  • Network visibility. By monitoring devices and users connecting to the network.

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Access and identity management

Ensures secure access to systems and applications.