Súnion implements a virtual server infrastructure



Súnion is a private school of secondary education that provides Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) and Baccalaureate in the modalities of Science and Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences and Arts.

It is a Catalan and secular school with a pedagogical system that promotes student autonomy and personal responsibility.

The challenge

Súnion needed to renew its server pool and monetize the hardware investment through a solution that would provide maximum performance and speed in the processing of information.
The educational institution had a non-virtualized environment and 8 servers dedicated to high performance and large space in the CPD.
Therefore, it was decided to discard the expansion of the server stack and choose to implement a virtualized environment that reduces complexity and increases efficiency.

“The implementation of VMware VSan has allowed us to have a more secure, profitable and optimized environment. Reducing operating expenses as well as the initial capital investment” “We choose INSTEL to implement VMware for its high commercial and technical certification. The response offered by their technical service has been excellent, highlighting their professionalism and the personal treatment received. Instel is our technological reference partner in data processing centers, physical and wireless infrastructure projects”

Moisés Ruiz
IT Manager at Súnion

The solution

Responding to these requirements, Instel designed a proposal for the implementation of a hyper-converged infrastructure with vSAN™ technology.

Why did you choose to implement VMware vSAN ™?

The HCI solution with VMware technology provides enterprise-level availability, scalability and performance, combining computing resources, storage and management on industry-standard x86 servers. It is also the first native HCI security solution with inactive data encryption defined by software.
The elements implanted have been:

The virtualization project has been accompanied by Instel professional services based on the architecture and design of the solution, implementation, training to administrators as well as the maintenance of the solution.


Finance Department
  • Profitability of the investment. The implementation of VSAN has allowed to reduce the total cost of ownership, by reducing the initial investment in hardware.
  • Reduction of operating expenses. Savings in maintenance costs as well as energy savings.
IT / Security department
  • Simplification and consolidation of network management and server storage.
  • Flexibility to scale computing resources or storage according to needs.
  • Security of the information. Reducing risks and increasing availability.
  • High and predictable performance in information processing
  • Speed in recovery from disasters

Technology Partner

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