Visit management

Instel guarantees flexible visitor management, covering registration, identification, accreditation and access.

Manage visitor control in your organisation simply and intuitively

Visitor management is a challenge for many organisations.

In environments with a large influx of users and in corporate offices, having automated visitor registration and control systems helps companies to streamline their processes, reduce costs and improve security in their installations.

How can Instel help you?

Instel provides an intuitive tool for professionally managing visits and generating accreditations. Manage and streamline the process of planning, receiving, registering and closing visits, minimising waiting times. A multi-centre and multi-company solution that integrates with the organisation's security and access control systems.

Reading equipment

Instel provides an extensive range of wall-mounted electronic devices and devices that can be integrated into other electromechanical systems such as turnstiles and walkways.

Management software

Instel provides a visual and intuitive graphical environment to manage credential issuance, graphic business card personalisation and automatically finalise the visit.

Identification technologies

Instel facilitates multi-media identification with RFID cards, facial, fingerprint, mobile biometrics QR, NFC, App , tickets, labels with QR codes.

Self-registration equipment

Instel implements interactive totems that self-register users with facial and fingerprint biometric data verification and identity document verification. Issue credentials in label or ticket format.


  • Agile and simple management. Visual and intuitive graphical environment.
  • Improved security. Through identification and authentication.
  • Improves the user experience. Through web pre-registration and sending the credential.
  • Reduce waiting times.Through agile registration.

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Visit management

Manage visitor control in your organisation simply and intuitively.

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