Instel provides the computer equipment required for professional activity

Increase business productivity through a professional computer park

Corporate users use different computer elements in their daily work to carry out their activity: PCs, laptops, tablets, printing equipment, etc.

Having a homogenised microcomputer park facilitates management, automates tasks and provides fast resolution of incidents should they occur.

How can Instel help you?

Instel provides microcomputer solutions with a correct quality/price ratio, good support in the event of incidents and the support of leading manufacturer brands in the industry.

Desktop computers

Instel provides advice and the most suitable desktop computers for your organisation's needs.


Instel provides the best equipment that guarantees power, memory and high performance for efficient professional activity.

Laptops, tablets and mobile devices

In a corporate mobility scenario, Instel offers an extensive range of devices to work agilely and productively from anywhere.


Instel supplies all the peripheral elements that complement the equipment: Headphones, speakers, keyboards, mice, webcams, etc.

Image and printing

Instel provides multifunction devices and printers designed to improve productivity in your work environment.


  • Increased productivity. Through equipment customised to requirements.
  • Improve corporate image. Through a homogeneous park.
  • Empower mobility. With portable devices.
  • Lower maintenance costs. Through good support.
  • Reliability. Through industry leading brands.

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Increase business productivity through a professional computer park.


Implement flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your business needs.


Reduce operating costs by increasing resource flexibility and availability.


Optimise workload performance and efficiency.


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