Network electronics

Instel provides fast and secure network connections that can support all the applications and services that an organisation requires

Prepare your network for IoT and Wi-Fi 6

The growing demand for cloud, mobility and IoT-based services requires investment into network management solutions that can manage high traffic loads, connect new devices and reduce IT complexity.

Given this context, network electronics must be able to provide aggregation and high-performance Wi-Fi as well as visibility of all the elements that connect and run on the network.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to manage your network in a simple, secure and automated way. Operational complexity is reduced with switching solutions from the edge access layer to the core and data centre. Instel provides intuitive, automated and scalable management tools that can respond to user, device and application demands.

LAN access infrastructure

Instel provides your network with performance and intelligence through aggregation and access switches that securely connect IoT devices, users and access points.

Infrastructure monitoring and management

Instel implements management applications that help monitor and optimise equipment, streamline workflows and maximise security.

Core infrastructure

Instel provides core, campus and data centre switches that ensure network availability and improve operational efficiency through smart automation.


  • Improved efficiency. Using a multi-gigabit network interface.
  • Simplified network operations. Through management and automation tools.
  • Quick troubleshooting. By implementing AI.
  • High availability. Through redundant architecture.

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Network electronics

Prepare your network for IoT and Wi-Fi 6

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