Public administration

Instel promotes efficient, resilient and 100% digital administration

Market situation

Improvement in the quality of public services and in the citizen's experience is leading public administration to adopt a digital transition approach that focuses on optimising organisational processes and promoting digital services through data automation and governance.

Sector challenges

Strengthen data security and integrity

The increase in cyber attacks on public administrations requires greater cyber security budgets. It is essential to guarantee the security of corporate and citizens' data.

The move towards hybrid cloud environments in administration marks a trend in adopting more flexible models. These cloud-based operating models are essential and pave the way for modernising IT environments.

A real transformation of the workstation, in addition to an improved digital service for citizens, must incorporate collaborative tools that enable communication in real time.

Having an optimal network infrastructure that promotes digitisation advancement is a lever for growth and improved administrations. Mobility-ready architectures should be encouraged.

HR departments play a key role in aligning technology and people. Efficient, productive and collaborative employee management favours more agile workflows and releases time to focus on promoting talent.

A reliable essential infrastructure is critical to the well-being of society. Providing continuity to critical operations requires a proactive approach that enables informed responses to be obtained in real time that speed up actions.  

Leader in the sector

Case studies


Applying a cross-sectional cyber security strategy helps to reinforce digital trust.

Implementing a cloud model helps to minimise management times, favouring efficient resource use.

Contact centre solutions provide agile and efficient omni-channel interaction.

Smart and automated network management optimises service delivery and improves the IT experience.

Implementing a time management system helps to simplify, automate and centralise personnel management.

A 100% redundant architecture ensures system availability. 

Situación del mercado

La transformación digital sitúa al turista en el centro de cualquier estrategia empresarial. El sector se encuentra frente a un cliente hiperconectado y exigente que demanda una experiencia de alto valor.
Con el objetivo de cumplir dichas expectativas digitales y hacer frente a una gestión más eficiente, competitiva y resiliente del negocio, el sector turístico debe invertir en automatizar procesos y mejorar la experiencia del usuario.

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