Video analitics

Instel applies powerful analytics based on machine learning and deep learning

Improve the efficiency and security of your operations through video analysis

Video recordings generate an overwhelming amount of data and scenarios to analyse that entail high costs in time and dedicated resources.

In an environment in which process automation is crucial for optimising security and business operations, the use of video analytics is a great ally.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to speed up data analysis and automate tasks through smart applications based on machine and deep learning.

Vehicle management

 Moving vehicle surveillance, access control, license plate reading and cargo identification.

People management

Count people, manage queues, masking, control access through facial identification.

Facility management

Perimeter and intrusion protection, object detection, identification and classification, forensic analysis.

Process management

Barcode reading, status change identification, dual validation factor, traceability, integration with other subsystems.


  • Improve operational efficiency. By identifying patterns and trends.
  • Increase security. Trough greater precision in incident detection.
  • Reduce downtime. Through real-time analysis.
  • Quickly manage incidents. By generating automatic responses to events.
  • Adaptable to environmental and climatic conditions. Maximum reliability in extreme climatic or complex lighting conditions.

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Video analitics

Improve the efficiency and security of your operations through video analysis.