Customer collaboration and relations

Instel improves the customer experience by promoting agile and barrier-free communication

Build effective and personalised interactions with your customers

Offering a complete and positive experience to customers directly impacts business results.

Companies must therefore have tools that help them to manage and monitor customer journeys, employee interactions with customers, as well as any other incoming or outgoing communication that takes place through voice or digital communication channels.

How can Instel help you?

Instel provides the appropriate tools to place the customer at the centre of your strategy, managing and monitoring communication flows in real time. It helps you to promote more agile and effective interactions to transform employee and customer experience.

Contact Centre Solutions

Instel implements multi-channel and multi-site contact centre solutions that are scalable, secure and provide an in-depth analysis of the entire customer journey  agent management, real-time and historical reports, graphic tools to create contact flows, etc.

Automatic call distribution

Through the automatic call distribution system (ACD), incoming, outgoing and internal calls can be processed and distributed to groups of extensions. The software automatically answers calls and routes them to a specific agent.

Workforce Optimization

Instel helps you to transform customer engagement with intelligence tools for the contact centre. One platform that unifies and centrally manages and reports contact recording, quality monitoring, eLearning, workforce management, analytics and customer feedback.

Call Reporting

Instel provides a tool with which call reports can be generated and agents monitored in real time.


Caso de éxito

  • Enhances omni-channel. By managing voice and multimedia channels.
  • Increased collaboration. By aligning processes and resources.
  • Increased agent productivity. Through performance analysis and reports.
  • Promotes engagement. Through intelligence applied to customer interactions.
  • Improved business efficiency. Through real-time monitoring.


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Customer collaboration and relations

Build effective and personalised interactions with your customers.

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