Private healthcare company of Maresme implements a time management solution in its medical centers



A leading private health company in the Maresme with more than 30 years of specialization in the sector, 150 employees and medical centers distributed throughout Catalonia.

The challenge

A leading company in the private healthcare sector in the Maresme region needed to implement an automated system for the time and attendance of its employees that could be integrated into all its medical centers.
With a staff of more than 150 employees, the use of a manual process for the management of the workforce implied a high investment of time and effort for the Human Resources department.

“Now, we have a time and attendance tool that allows us to manage our employees in the different locations. The adaptation has been very fast and has greatly facilitated the work for the HR department”

IT Manager
Leading healthcare company

The solution

After a detailed analysis of their needs, Instel designed an IP architecture proposal based on a time and attendance control system and time and attendance control software using biometric and RFID tagging.
In order to provide a professional, scalable, multi-center solution that could be integrated with other HR and ERP systems of third parties, we chose the presence solution of Intemo Technologies, a national manufacturer of access and time management solutions.

The elements implemented have been:

Intemo Move Manager. It allows:

      • Multi-center and multi-company time management.
      • The management of schedules and working calendars and user agendas, by groups, centers and areas.
      • Control of attendance, leaves, incidents, agreements, vacations.
      • The generation of customized reports tailored to the needs of the company. Graphical visualization of a variety of elements such as average absence per center, work ratios per department, category or section.

Instel as a service company, we have offered support in all phases of the project. From the consulting and engineering phase, the installation and configuration of devices and software, as well as training on use and functionalities once the presence management system has been implemented.


  • Optimization and unification in the management of the different medical centers’ records.
  • Improved identification, security and control of employees
RRHH Department
  • Optimization of efforts and time for HR through process automation.
  • Greater reliability of the information,eliminating human errors derived from manual recording.
  • Greater control of employee productivity
  • Unification of legal requirements in a single platform.
IT Department
  • Easy integration and scalability Allows to increase in a simple and agile way the volume of devices according to the needs of the company.
  • Simplicity in the integration with other subsystems of the organization (HR, AD and third party ERP’s).

Technology Partner

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