Video conferencing

Instel provides intuitive video conferencing solutions that streamline workflows

Encourage fluid and immersive meetings

The way in which companies and users work and collaborate has evolved. Video conferencing has transformed the workspace by providing highly adaptable, dynamic and real-time communication, helping users and companies to boost their productivity.

Its low implementation cost and minimal maintenance make it a basic work tool for distributed work environments.

How can Instel help you?

Instel offers meeting and collaboration tools in the cloud that provide added value to your company through an agile, smart and immersive video experience. It provides a scalable service that can be adapted to the number of users and the needs of your organisation.

Cloud video conferencing solutions

Instel provides cloud-based team meeting and video conferencing solutions with messaging, audio and video conferencing and file sharing from a single application. A powerful collaboration tool for improving workflow from any location.

Video conferencing endpoints

Instel provides physical video conferencing equipment designed to place a corporate room in communication with another room or remote users. Instel helps you to turn any conference room into a versatile, high-powered area that fosters collaboration and productivity.


  • Easy to use and administer. Through a control panel with a holistic view.
  • Increased productivity. Through collaboration from anywhere and on any device.
  • Improved user experience. Through advanced AI architectures.
  • Business resilience. Through a unified, secure and efficient tool.
  • Immersive workflows. Creating your own workspaces.

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Video conferencing

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