Agència de Salut Pública of Barcelona implements Wi-Fi connectivity and reinforces their networking



Agència de Salut Pública of Barcelona is a public organization of municipal participation whose mission is to ensure the health of people residing in Barcelona and visitors.
It has a main corporate building, a headquarters office, a laboratory, offices in Mercabarna, as well as 7 healthcare centers spread throughout the city.

The challenge

Agència de Salut Pública of Barcelona (ASPB), with a staff of 300 employees and a high number of visitors to events, needed to provide Wi-Fi connectivity at meeting rooms in 3 main buildings. The objective is to have an efficient and intelligent networking environment, capable to offer quality Wi-Fi coverage to workers and visitors.

“The user experience after the project’s implementation is very positive. The Agency have now two Wi-Fi networks, one public mainly to cover events and visitors and another private as an extension of our LAN. It is at the same time, a first step to adopt mobility “

Pedro Arribas
Head of information technology at Agència de Salut Pública of Barcelona

The solution

To implement the solution, ASPB contacted with Instel, a regular telecommunications provider with whom has implemented IP video surveillance projects, physical and wireless connectivity projects, as well as networking solutions.
As a first step towards the implementation of the connectivity solution, Instel highlighted a study of signal coverage of the facilities in order to propose the best location of the access points. Once the results were presented, it was decided to cover Wi-Fi connectivity (apart meeting rooms) all areas of the three main buildings.
The project was carried out in two phases: a first phase of implementation of access points to provide connectivity at meetings rooms and a second covering the other shaded areas of Mercabarna offices.

Instel proposed as wireless connectivity solution offered by Aruba Networks, a global company in infrastructure and management solutions.

The elements implemented:

Furthermore, Instel carried out a study about average power received by the access points implanted with the aim to establishing a power regulation according to the demands of Agencia de Salut Pública and according to the European and National legislation regarding the use of the spectrum.
Finally, Instel verified the operation and start up. Currently, ASPB has two Wi-Fi networks, one public for visitors and one private, which allows high quality connectivity, integrated intelligence and secure management.


  • Increase the efficiency and safety of the network. Obtaining a faster, safer and more productive data network thanks to the change of networking.
  • Usability. Improved user experience with high quality Wi-Fi..
  • Promotion of mobility. Wifi as an element of transformation of work environment.
IT  Department
  • Management and monitoring of the network. The Airwave solution has allowed the network administration in a simple and agile way, as well as the identification of network problems before they occur.
  • IT department time optimization thanks to centralized management
  • Promotion of mobility. Wifi as an element of the transformation of the work environment.
  • Scalability. An access solution scalable according to the needs of the entity.

Technology Partner

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