Mar Hotels Group improves customer experience through high quality wifi



Mar Hotels Group is a reference point of hospitality sector for 50 years now. Today, the Company has 9 hotels in Spain under the brand named “Mar Hotels“ and “Lively Hotels”, and another 2 hotels in Caribbean under the brand “Majestic Resorts“. These brands are synonymous of lux and service quality, always offering the maximum comfort to their customers


The challenge

Mar Hotels Group, aware of the new demands and habits of hospitality customer (Enhance of number of devices by user, Wireless connectivity as a purchasing requirement, demand of quick, continuously and quality connectivity) decided to implement a professional Wireless connectivity solution in 9 hotels with a main goal: Offer an unsurpassable connectivity experience to their customers.

“The implementation of Wireless connectivity solution at 9 hotels, has allowed enhance customers satisfaction due to use secure and high performance devices. At the same time, with the implantation of value application as clearpass, allows us a main knowledge, management and communications to our customers promoting upselling y crosselling actions“

Miquel Travé
IT Manager Mar Hotels

The solution

With the aim to offer a quality solution, Batle Group got in touch with their usual telecommunications integrator: INSTEL S.L, whom has implemented an IP Telephony solution at the Company’s hotels.

To the proper operation of project, was essential analyzing the specific needs about Wireless connectivity in hospitality sector. This must incorporate an intelligent and adaptable infrastructure which provides a high wireless security in all devices connected to the net.

Therefore, was chosen the Wireless connectivity market leader: Aruba Networks. A decision based on the high quality products and the wide range of possibilities of their solutions.

In order to provide a full connectivity to clients, implementing wireless access points at 9 hotels, both indoors (Aruba AP105) and outdoors (Aruba AP 175).

To obtain a centralized management of connectivity infrastructure, implemented Aruba Airwave. This has allowed managing in a same interface all hotel communications equipment.
Finally, with the aim to obtain a secure access management installed “Clear Pass”, which has provided a simplification and automation to the access. At the same time, acts as a powerful tool to demand generation.


IT Department
  • Control and network configuration
  • Monitoring in real time
  • Guests management using a captive portal
  • Historical Access Monitoring
  • Detailed information about who, how and where users are connected (BYOD)
  • Solution adapted to interact with PMS
  • Time optimization to IT department
  • Flexibility to growth in the future
  • Compliance with National legislation (LSSICE)
Marketing department
  • Extensive knowledge about customers and their preferences
  • Customized communication (Crosselling and upselling actions)
  • Enhance of customer experience (high quality and security
Financial department
  • Accelerated ROI using third party advertising

Technology Partner