Why Instel?


Instel's human capital is its greatest asset

The company's track record and experience in the sector, together with a highly-qualified technical team, enables Instel to offer a quality service that is highly valued by customers and collaborators and that differentiates the company. Instel provides a stable, committed and productive team.
Its objective is to make your day-to-day life easier through technological solutions that improve the productivity and competitiveness of your business.


Years of experience

We help IT managers to increase the performance of their facilities through tailored, agile and easy-to-implement solutions. Accompanying them throughout the process, from the initial consultancy to the maintenance and management of the implemented solutions.

TIC & Marketing

We make available to marketing departments tools designed to gain greater knowledge of the market, identify patterns of behavior and increase customer satisfaction.

TIC & Finances

We offer financial departments solutions designed to improve the company's productivity, favoring cost savings and allowing a quick return on investment.

TIC & Management

We implement turnkey projects aimed at increasing productivity, optimizing processes and favoring business competitiveness.

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