Multinational, leader in the enterprise software market, implements intelligent structured cabling system



Leading German company in the business application software market, with more than 50 years of specialization in the sector and presence in more than 130 countries.

The challenge

A leading international software company needed to implement a new cabling infrastructure in its offices to guarantee fast and highly reliable data transmission. The demands of applications, the greater number of devices connected to the network, required a bandwidth that would respond to the current needs of the corporation and adapted to future network requirements derived from technological progress.

In parallel to the cabling upgrade, it was decided to renew the audiovisual and multimedia equipment in its corporate rooms in order to improve communication processes.

“Our goal was to implement a cabling infrastructure that would improve network performance. We now have a solid, powerful installation that is capable of evolving with future technology needs.”

Systems Manager
Leading multinational enterprise software company

The solution

After analyzing the needs, technical requirements and characteristics of the corporate building, INSTEL recommended implementing a structured cabling system that would allow network line speeds of up to 10Gbps.
For this purpose, it was decided to implement structured cabling in category 6A SYSTIMAX®, from the manufacturer Commscope, a leader in the connectivity industry.

The elements implemented were:

Instel has offered support throughout the project, from consulting and engineering, installation and certification of network points, network maintenance, as well as delivery of documentation and installation plans.


  • Increased bandwidth structure for the correct operation of all current and future applications (VoIP, data, video).

 The 6A cabling infrastructure doubles the bandwidth compared to the previous generation of Cat6, enabling agile and efficient connectivity that translates into improved employee productivity.

IT  Department
  • Easier network implementation
  • Easy management, administration and maintenance of cabling
  • Optimized network utilization
  • Increased compatibility with NBASE-T Multigigabit applications
  • Higher levels of network security
  • Provides scalability. Optimal capacity to support current and future technology.

Technology Partner

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