Network infrastructure

Instel creates a reliable and adaptable network environment that guarantees the continuity of your business

Market situation

In a digital transformation scenario, a solid and reliable network infrastructure is required.

The network infrastructure is the backbone of the business. As connectivity demands increase, so does the complexity of the network. Without an adequate and capable infrastructure for the new demands, business productivity and operability is highly affected.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to create a reliable, adaptable and security-focused network environment that ensures the continuity and competitiveness of your business. Instel designs and implements network infrastructure projects with a solid foundation that allow for agile, modular and future-ready growth.

Our solutions

Network electronics

Prepare your network for IoT and Wi-Fi 6

Electrical grid

Ensure a solid and quality electrical grid that supplies your business communications.

Data processing centre

A data centre designed for the Smart Edge

Internet of Things (IoT)

Implement a flexible architecture adapted to IoT network requirements.

Wireless connectivity

Revolutionises the wireless experience in mobile environments.

Structured cabling systems

Rediscover the power of cabling in the efficiency of your business.