Instel maximises your business through an agile, optimised and correctly-sized server infrastructure

Simplify your on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure and accelerate service delivery

Modern IT plays a crucial role in generating value within organisations. Whether with on-premises infrastructure, public or private cloud, virtualised or containerised environments, IT must be proactive, flexible and fast to deploy resources as quickly as possible.

This means that server deployment, provisioning and management must be simplified and automated in order to guarantee agile and efficient work environments.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to implement the appropriate IT infrastructure to efficiently support the applications that your organisation needs to carry out its activity.

Server infrastructure

Instel provides server infrastructure that is ready for the hybrid cloud, providing automation and security and optimising all your workloads.

Domain controller servers

Instel implements DC servers with the objective of authenticating users, allowing or denying them access to the organisation's shared resources.

Mail servers

Instel implements mail managers for processing, storing, filtering and distributing messages among different users.

File servers

Instel provides a common repository for the entire company to store the corporate files needed for business activity.

Application servers

Instel implements the server programs required to host the corporate applications  ERP, CRM, etc.  with which the company develops its activity.


  • Increased performance. By optimising workloads.
  • Improved business productivity. Through correct sizing.
  • Secure remote access. Through AI-powered monitoring.
  • Scalability. Agile expansion capacity according to corporate needs.
  • Improved customer service. Secure and reliable technological infrastructure.

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Simplify your on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure and accelerate service delivery.