Instel equips your organisation with the most cutting-edge audio and video solutions on the market

Boost interactivity and maximise the impact of your communications

All organisations now require spaces and resources that facilitate collaborative work and idea sharing.

Having the right technology is critical to transform meeting rooms and classrooms into collaborative environments that improve business efficiency and foster more intuitive and seamless learning.

How can Instel help you?

Instel integrates audio and video systems and equipment for rooms and classrooms aimed at promoting communication and collaboration in real time. Instel creates workspaces that maximise productivity, streamline processes and promote effective time management.

Interactive screens

Touch screens made up of Full HD and 4k Ultra HD panels with Android processors.

Interactive digital whiteboards

They combine multi-touch capabilities with touch as well as stylus interactivity.


Portable, short-distance, installation, multifunction projectors.

Interactive projectors

Combines the benefits of conventional flip charts, whiteboards and projectors into a unified meeting solution.

Hi-Fi equipment

Audio systems for video-conference rooms.

Sound systems

Scalable and flexible network audio solutions.

Server room management elements

Audio systems and equipment for meeting rooms.

TV screens / Video Wall

Professional displays for meeting rooms, sideboards.


  • Create more immersive collaborative environments. Through tools that encourage interaction.
  • Improved communication performance and quality. Through the sharing of information in real time.
  • Facilitates management. Through equipment that is easy to configure and intuitive to use.
  • Improved business productivity. Fostering seamless workflows.

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Other corporate communications solutions


Boost interactivity and maximise the impact of your communications.

Video conferencing

Encourage fluid and immersive meetings.

Unified communications

Create smart communication experiences.

Customer collaboration and relations

Build effective and personalised interactions with your customers.

IP telephony

Guarantees efficient and quality communication.