OAK House School needed to reinforce security at the external accesses to the school grounds. In order to manage the arrival and departure of students to and from the school with maximum security, it was decided to implement cameras that would guarantee control of the entire outer perimeter and allow for quick and easy viewing of specific images if necessary.
Customer profile
OAK House School is a private school located in Sarriá, in the upper part of Barcelona. The school is a non-profit foundation, governed by a board of trustees composed of seven parents of the school, elected through the school’s Parents’ Association.

Initial need

To have an IP video surveillance solution that would improve the security of the facilities, reinforcing control at the entrances and exits to the school premises.


Axis IP network cameras


  • Enhanced safety for students and staff
  • Increased peace of mind for parents and teachers
  • Improved accessibility through remote viewing of images from any location and any device
  • Automatic 24-hour alertss
  • Customized scalability

Technology partner



In response to these requirements, Instel designed a proposal for the implementation of IP cameras in the different external accesses to the school.
In order to offer the highest image quality and a wide range of features, a network camera architecture from the industry’s leading manufacturer, Axis Communications, was implemented.

The elements implemented have been:

  • 7 Axis outdoor IP cameras: AXIS Model P1455-LE and AXIS Model P3245-LVE
  • AXIS Camera Station video management software
  • Professional services:
    • Parameterization, configuration and functional testing of the cameras.
    • Cabling, trunking, connection, certification and bell elements

    New-generation outdoor cameras:

    The deployed Axis network cameras are particularly suitable for capturing scenes with a lot of movement, such as at school grounds entrances, ensuring smooth video with significantly reduced blur due to motion.

    The PTZ capabilities of the cameras use pan/tilt/zoom to cover large perimeters and verify detected security events.
    The IP cameras’ Forensic WDR, Lightfinder and OptimizedIR functionalities have enabled high quality images to be obtained both during the day and in complete darkness.




    • Increased facility security
    • Increased safety of staff and students.


    • Increased agility through remote connectivity. Real-time image visualization from any location and device.
    • Automatic alerts 24 hours a day. Generation of automatic notifications in case of any incident, suspicious behavior or manipulation of the cameras.
    • Intelligent video analytics. Generation of tags that allow the search and analysis of specific videos, reducing time and gaining efficiency.
    • Reduced storage space. With motion detection cameras, the network only needs to record when an event is happening, reducing the amount of storage space used.
    • Easy administration. Simple video management and easy integration with other capabilities.
    • Scalability of the solution. Ability to easily expand the number of cameras depending on the needs of the center.




“After evaluating the different options on the market, the solution proposed by Instel has proved to be a success. We have significantly improved the security of our facilities and it will allow us to scale our security system as our needs increase. It is a great success for the present and the future”.

Eric Molné, IT Officer at OAK House School

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