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Since the beginning of the company's activity, the professional services provided by Instel's team have turned out to be a differentiating element that generates high added value in the company's business activity, highly valued by customers and collaborators. Implementing solutions, not just selling equipment, has been a common denominator throughout Instel's years of professional activity.
Continuous training throughout all business and departmental areas, together with the experience provided by more than fifty years in the sector, enables Instel to offer quality, professional, proactive and personalised services for each project and with exemplary technological knowledge in each of the company's business areas.
The evolution of the market in recent years has redefined Instel's value proposition in relation to its professional services. This must respond to the new demands of the sector, without losing the company's distinctive quality and commitment values. In short, new services with traditional values.

Professional services

Consulting and advice

It encompasses professional services aimed at providing customers with advice that guides them towards making the most-optimal decisions in the process of choosing a technology project. Instel's pre-sales engineering team, with specialist members in each business area, is responsible for defining and highlighting the fundamental aspects that need to be taken into account prior to defining and developing the project, thus guaranteeing successful implementation.

Engineering and project implementation

This covers the professional services of two of Instel's teams: pre-sales engineering and production, aimed at defining, managing and implementing projects in all of the company's business areas. Instel ensures the success of projects with well-defined planning, coordination and execution processes based on standards. It is, without a doubt, a formula that guarantees implementation with no surprises and with all the guarantees of the functionality of the solution to be implemented.

Tailored maintenance

The successful implementation of a project is just as important as good maintenance over time. Instel offers a specialised maintenance service, fully customisable to customer needs and covering all business areas. Proactivity and fast response and resolution times in the event of incidents are the distinctive points of this service. Instel's SAT team is responsible for making this service available to customers, with mechanisms and tools that guarantee the service is correctly provided, maintaining the high levels of quality established.

Managed services

In recent years, the way of understanding and implementing telecommunications projects and solutions has changed.

Many companies decide to replace the traditional solutions in their offices with services, in exchange for a temporary subscription. Current technology has brought concepts such as "pay-per-use" and/or "service outsourcing" closer to companies.
Instel offers customers the same valuable solutions and services as our business areas, marketed under a subscription model. This model facilitates access to technology for any company, whatever its size and/or activity, in a simple, agile and economical way.

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