Sant Dalmai migrates its analog telephony to IP, giving a quality leap in its communications



Sant Dalmai S.A.U. was born in 1964 as a project of two friends linked to the world of charcuterie.
Today, 50 years later, Sant Dalmai has a staff of more than 150 employees and has the most advanced technology in traceability and food safety.
It has an industrial area of approximately 12,000 m2.

The challenge

Sant Dalmai had an obsolete analog telephone platform that did not allow it to take full advantage of its business communications. In this context, it needed to migrate its telephony to IP and implement unified communications.
However, making the leap to IP telephony implied taking into consideration a series of conditions specific to a company dedicated to meat production:

  • Communication breaks into the factory. In order to produce and maintain the sausages in optimal cold and conservation conditions, the factory walls must be highly insulated from the outside, however, this generates important communication cuts.

“Inside the factory we have no mobile coverage, we can’t use 3G.”

  • Need for sturdy terminals in the production plant. The production of sausages involves a handling process that requires highly robust terminals, capable of withstanding humid conditions. The use of smartphones is ruled out.
  • Need for IP voice calls in the office. Outside the factory, the objective for the different user profiles, both in the office and those connected via VPN, is to be able to make IP voice calls.

“For an industrial company where there are different types of work, it is very important that each person has the most appropriate and most comfortable communication tool for their work.” “Working with someone who knows all the options and knows how to integrate them is very important. Instel has made it possible”

ICT Manager
Sant Dalmai

The solution

Once the needs of Sant Dalmai were gathered, Instel designed a proposal for the migration from analog to IP telephony, through the implementation of a physical telephone platform (On-Premise) that would allow them to continue working with robust terminals in factory, DECT type, and at the same time provide them with all the functionalities of unified communications for office employees (and outside the office).

The elements implemented have been:

Currently, Sant Dalmai has a unified communications platform that through the use of a primary channel allows them to make national calls and a trunk link (SIP trunk) for international calls.

Instel has provided consulting, engineering and implementation services for the project.


Oficce Users
  • Increased collaboration and productivity. The implementation of VOIP has allowed the use of softphones, eliminating the need for physical devices to make calls. Software calls from PCs have streamlined communications and provided greater functionalities (speed dialing, user visualization, etc.).
  • Real-time communication from any device. For mobile business users, the use of the softphone on corporate smartphones allows them to enjoy all the advantages of unified communications regardless of the device used.
VPN Users
  • Accessibility from anywhere. For those users who telework and connect via VPN, they can now make calls directly to extensions as if they were in the office.
  • Cost reduction in international calls. Through VPN connection, international calls are made as if they were local calls.

Technology Partner

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