Electrical grid

Instel implements efficient and secure electrical grids

Ensure a solid and quality electrical grid that supplies your business communications

The correct functioning of the electrical system directly impacts the corporate network and, therefore, productivity and business continuity.

Having a stable and secure electrical system equipped with the appropriate technology guarantees efficiency in your operations.


How can Instel help you?

Instel ensures your electrical grid has the stability required to function at full capacity. Specialising in low-voltage electrical grids for companies and DPC environments, Instel provides support throughout the life cycle of your facilities with advice, installation and maintenance.

Analysis of current networks

Instel analyses your current installations to determine their status, assess improvements or possible technical interventions.

Electrical installations for data centres

Instel provides the advice and solutions that guarantee supply and availability in your data centre.

Lighting projects

Instel develops architectural lighting projects integrated into indoor spaces.

Installation and maintenance

Instel designs, installs and maintains low-voltage electrical grids that guarantee quality and energy efficiency.

Protection and continuity

Instel implements uninterruptible power systems, safeguarding the devices connected to the electrical grid, guaranteeing their operation.


  • Increased security. With more solid and stable electrical grids.
  • Resilience and business continuity. Through redundant networks.
  • Energy saving. By designing more efficient installations.
  • Optimised installations. Using components with the highest quality standards.

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Electrical grid

Ensure a solid and quality electrical grid that supplies your business communications.

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