Structured cabling systems

Instel implements a high-performance, adaptable and smart structured cabling infrastructure

Rediscover the power of cabling in the efficiency of your business

Structured cabling has been evolving and adapting to the new demands for data transmission speed, as well as highly complex network architectures such as data centres and smart buildings.

Regardless of the business environment that is managed, the network has to support migrations and extensions and support new systems and applications that run on it. Structured cabling must be designed and implemented correctly so that it can grow according to the needs of the business.

How can Instel help you?

Instel designs, configures and installs the physical infrastructure needed to meet bandwidth, speed, performance and convergence demands. It provides a structured cabling infrastructure that favours faster and more reliable implementations with lower maintenance and administration costs.

Smart structured cabling

Instel implements smart management tools that provide full visibility to the physical layer of your network, providing automation and optimal use of assets

Cabling in Category 6A

Wi-Fi-6 adoption and more elements in the network powered by POE requires high-performance cabling with greater heat dissipation capacity.

Fiber optic cabling with OM5 connectivity

Instel provides your network with greater bandwidth and transmission speed, improving performance and connectivity quality.


  • Maximised performance. Through cutting-edge, standards-based technology.
  • Efficient management. Through intelligence and automation tools.
  • Minimised downtime. Through a simplified error location process.
  • Improved flexibility. Providing optimal adaptability to any change or expansion in the network infrastructure.

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Structured cabling systems

Rediscover the power of cabling in the efficiency of your business.