Corporate communications

Instel promotes a digital, collaborative work environment that enhances user experience

Market situation

The digital transformation is leading companies to evolve their processes, to adopt new organisational models and new ways of working and collaborating in the workplace. This requires agile and effective communication tools that increase productivity and provide smoother operation throughout the organisation. A collaborative strategy that must focus on the user, to create high-value experiences that help to generate a real and positive impact on the business.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to improve and simplify your business communications by creating collaborative environments that empower your employees and create complete and personalised experiences for your customers. It provides the framework for innovation and the technological capacity needed to guarantee communication in real time, anywhere and from any device.

Our Solutions


Boost interactivity and maximise the impact of your communications.

Video conferencing

Encourage fluid and immersive meetings.

Unified communications

Create smart communication experiences.

Customer collaboration and relations

Build effective and personalised interactions with your customers.

IP telephony

Guarantees efficient and quality communication.