Access and presence control

Instel offers professional and innovative solutions for access control, time management, visit and space management

Market situation

User identification, authentication and management have experienced a leap in value thanks to technological innovation, helping companies to redefine strategies, improve their processes and reinforce their security. Adapting to new market needs requires open and reliable identification and authentication solutions that promote usability.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to increase your organisation's efficiency and security with a complete solution for the smart management of spaces and people. Instel integrates reading equipment and management software that enable agile, simple and centralised administration of accesses, opening hours, visits and spaces.

Our Solutions

Space management

Optimise the management of meeting rooms, classrooms and other shared spaces.

Visit management

Manage visitor control in your organisation simply and intuitively.

Corporate marking

Obtain effective schedule management that improves productivity and performance.

Physical access control

It guarantees fast and secure identification and access.