Intertransit optimizes perimeter security and management of goods implementing IP video surveillance



Intertransit S.A. has been carried since 1983 the international transport service in all modalities: Land transportation, maritime, air transport and multimodal, as well as annex operations (Custom, logistics, storage, handling, insurance, Intrastat).

The challenge

Within the process to obtain the OEA certification (Autorithed Economic Operator) there was a security requirement about installations and goods.
Therefore, Intertransit was looking for a video solution that allows them to cover these requirements, monitoring the perimeter security of the storage house, internal storage control and inward/outward monitoring goods.

“Our needs as logistics operators with international projection had been integrated with technological projects carried out with Instel. This has enabled us to adapted in an effective way to the market demands, as a security (OEA), monitoring (ISO) and improved productivity”

Josep María Santos
IT Intertransit S.A.

The solution

To implement this video system solution, Intertransit made contact with their usual telecommunications supplier (Unified communications, connectivity and IT management): INSTEL S.L.
For more than 20 years, Intertransit trusts in Instel, whom has developed projects as physical connectivity, IP video, Wireless connectivity and virtualization.

When Intertransit acquired their actual warehouse, found an analogic video system installed. For this reason, in a first phase, preferred to make the most of existing analogic video cameras integrating these in IP video system.

To the implementation of video security, chose the technological leader in IP Video solutions: AXIS COMMUNICATION. A decision based on the extensive products portfolio and the innovation character of the Company.
To monitoring the outdoor installations perimeter, included two additional IP cameras.

To monitoring the indoor perimeter, the analogical cameras offered a general view of the warehouse, therefore was necessary to implement IP cameras to control the Access and store zones. 9 IP cameras (2 packs of 4 cameras) were added.
To do the migration of analogic to IP, were used 3 Axis video servers of 4 entries everyone.

We provided recording server infrastructure as well as “AXIS CAMARA STATION” software, to management of the recordings.
In the same way, implanted structured cabling infrastructure to the installation of cameras and networking.


  • Dispose of necessary security requirements to achieve OEA certification.
  • Optimization of installations safety
  • Management of inward and outward goods.
  • Control about any incident with store goods.
  • Improved productivity of store workers.

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