Instel provides location solutions to improve IT and user experiences

Promote highly accurate location services and improve customer engagement

Digital transformation has accelerated location detection services such as turn-by-turn navigation, high-value asset tracking and customer interaction. 

However, widespread adoption of indoor location services still remains a challenge for many companies due to the complexity and high cost of many solutions.

How can Instel help you?

Instel helps you to bring the simplicity and mass use of GPS outdoors to indoor environments through location services that encourage smarter decision making about your operations.

Location selection

Obtain an accurate and reliable location through beacons with automatic location, providing contextual assistance based on the user's location.

Behaviour analysis

Analyse purchase patterns to promote smart decision making.

Asset tracking and contact tracing

Improve operational efficiency and reduce downtime by monitoring and locating high-value assets.


Caso de éxito

  • Dynamic and personalised user experiences. Applying analysis of purchase and location patterns.
  • Improved engagement with the customer. Through greater knowledge of their behaviour and needs.
  • High precision location. Through smart software with access point orchestration.
  • Time and cost savings. Through beacons and tag agility in tracking assets and equipment.
  • Improved sales results. By optimising the point of sale.


Other Artificial Intelligence solutions


Promote highly accurate location services and improve customer engagement.

Biometric payment

Increase consumption moments by creating a unique shopping experience for your customers.

Video analitics

Improve the efficiency and security of your operations through video analysis.