Data processing centre

Instel prepares your data centre for greater information transfer speed demands

A data centre designed for the SmartEdge

Data centres are a critical asset on which an organisation's data and operations are based.  Increased IoT deployments, new AI applications and the drive towards industry 4.0 mean that data centres need to process large data volumes to process, store and manage it, requiring intensive bandwidth use.

To adapt to this growth, data centres must have a comprehensive approach based on the infrastructure and architecture of the environment, availability and security.

How can Instel help you?

Instel knows that each DPC (Data Processing Centre) has unique demands and challenges, which is why it offers turnkey projects based on the diagnosis, design, installation and maintenance of corporate data centres. Each project is planned and executed in a personalised way to guarantee more secure and efficient installations that can evolve and expand as demands grow.

Planning and design

Instel analyses your needs and provides advice on room morphology and architecture, location, energy efficiency, equipment layout and security systems for your data centre.


Instel installs electrical installations that help to optimise energy efficiency in the DPC.

Perimeter security

Instel provides perimeter security solutions aimed at preventing and detecting incidents.

Physical security

Instel implements IP video and access control solutions to data centres and rack cabinets with multi-factor identification that provide controlled and restricted access.

Air conditioning

Instel provides solutions for cooling, humidity control, airflow, hot and cold aisle containment systems.


Instel implements high-performance pre-terminated cabling solutions that improve the installations' operational efficiency by providing flexibility and scalability.

Redundancy and availability

Instel guarantees maximum service continuity through Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) for critical loads.

Smart automated management

In environments with a high density of points, Instel provides automated management to the entire data centre network infrastructure by registering all the equipment connected to the DPC on a single platform, thereby monitoring their status in real-time.


  • Scalability. Expansion capacity according to IT needs.
  • Management simplification. Through smart administration systems.
  • Lower costs. Through improved energy efficiency.
  • Security. Through the ability to block and respond to attacks.

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Data processing centre

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