Instel promotes industrial digitisation with resilient and smart processes

Market situation

Digital acceleration in the industrial sector favours more efficient and predictive production processes that boost competitiveness and differentiation and generate added value.

Advancing towards a smart industry entails a series of structural and organisational challenges that make it possible to provide visibility and agility to operations, automate processes and guarantee data security.

Sector challenges

Optimise process analysis by reducing operational risk

The IoT helps the industrial sector to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and increase predictability. Its growing adoption requires platforms that help to reduce its complexity.

Applying AI analytics and machine learning to data in real-time is improving decision-making and automation in managing the entire supply chain.

The increase in device connectivity and the use of Big Data exposes the industrial sector to malicious attacks. Effective vulnerability management is needed.

Cloud computing provides the foundation on which the main technologies that make up Industry 4.0 are based, in addition to storing and processing much of the data generated.

Leader in the sector

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Case Studies


Applying a flexible, secure and role-based architecture improves visibility and makes it easier to manage IoT devices.

Data analysis at the Edge helps to reduce latency by improving response times.

Implementing a cyber security approach strengthens threat prevention, detection and response.

Cloud solutions provide scalability, high availability and cost effectiveness.

Situación del mercado

La transformación digital sitúa al turista en el centro de cualquier estrategia empresarial. El sector se encuentra frente a un cliente hiperconectado y exigente que demanda una experiencia de alto valor.
Con el objetivo de cumplir dichas expectativas digitales y hacer frente a una gestión más eficiente, competitiva y resiliente del negocio, el sector turístico debe invertir en automatizar procesos y mejorar la experiencia del usuario.

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