Human Capital

Alex Martínez
Financial Management and Operations
Manel Martínez
Customer Account Manager Commercial Management
Francisco Maqueda
Customer Account Manager Project Manager
Daniel Morales
Customer Account Manager Commercial team
Osmel Pérez
Technician Programmer Specialist                             SAT team
Antonio Canton
Technician Programmer Specialist                           Team Projects
Miguel Parpal
Maintenance Service Manager                                SAT team
Antonio Capablo
Technician Programmer Specialist                 PostSales Mngr. & Services
Luisa Herrera
Accounting and Payments Management Team
Marta Soler
Marketing Management      Marketing Team
Araceli Monte
Telemarketing         Marketing Team
Merche Hernández
Billing                   Management Team
Ramón Andrés
Installation Technician          Team Projects
Marco Arroyo
SAT Manager                        SAT Team  
Marcel Capafons
JR. Programmer Technician SAT team
Víctor Manzanares
Technical programmer      SAT team
David Álvarez
JR. Programmer Technician SAT team
Ángel Sanchez
Installation Technician          Team Projects