History and DNA

History and DNA

About us

Instel is a service company in the telecommunications sector, with a family origin, that specialises in integrating technological solutions for the B2B market. 

Instel's business project is consolidated on three pillars:

  • Constant training and specialisation in our business areas reaches the entire team involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of each project.
  • A clear commitment to high-tech solutions, backed by the leading manufacturers in their sector.
  • Understand our dedication to service as a distinctive and value-added element in the relationship with our customers.


Clientes satisfechos

Instel has a human team with proven training and experience that enables the company to take on any technology project with the highest guarantees of success in implementation.

Since 1971, Instel has actively accompanied companies by providing innovative technological solutions that help them to achieve their business objectives.

Instel is your trusted advisor and technology integrator.

What Instel offers

Instel offers a personalised, complete service adapted to the IT needs of your business, with professional services that range from consulting, engineering and implementation through to maintenance of solutions.

What define Instel

Customer orientation
Instel places your experience at the centre of its strategy.
Through a quality and value-generating service.
Team work

With the strength of team work.

Commitment to society
Acting responsibly and cross-sectionally to be an agent for change.
With solutions adapted to your real needs.
Focused on excellence and technological know-how.
Self-critical capacity
And continuous improvement in its processes.


More than half a century in the telecommunications sector.

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INSTEL's business activity begins.
The company specialises in the process of telephone network and intercom engineering, design and installation in Catalonia.
Instel's core business focuses on implementing and maintaining telephony platforms.
The liberalisation of the telecommunications market enables Instel to consolidate telephone equipment marketing in the B2B sector. Instel works with large companies in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Andorra.
Barcelona '92 plunges us into the world of data.
Instel sets a milestone in the sector by implementing the first structured cabling project in Catalonia at the COOB'92 offices. The company consolidates projects in Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Andorra and opens a new office in Girona.
Instel promotes value solutions for the IP network
The company maintains its traditional business areas and incorporates new business lines in response to new market demands: IP video, WLan, system virtualisation, access control and presence are some of the new solutions to implement. Instel expands its network of action to the EU.
Instel integrates cybersecurity into its solutions portfolio.
A new strategic area arises in Instel's business structure: cyber security in the business environment. Instel works throughout Spain, maintaining activity in the EU and undertaking the first projects in America.
Instel incorporates AI technologies for automating and optimising business processes.
Under the framework of digital transformation, Instel implements machine learning and deep learning solutions in video analytics, geo-location and biometric payments. The company's radius of action is consolidated.

"Since the 1970s, Instel has been moved by the same vocation for service and traditional values, with the technology of the future."

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