Wireless connectivity

Instel provides wireless connectivity solutions aimed at optimising and improving network efficiency

Revolutionising the wireless experience in mobile environments

The growth of mobility, of hybrid and hyper-distributed work environments, as well as the increased number of IoT devices that connect to the network, is increasing the administration and management complexity of network operations.

Given this new scenario, tools are required that automate repetitive work, reduce complexity and strengthen network security.

How can Instel help you?

Instel ensures your wireless network has reliable, secure and high-performance connectivity. It implements latest-generation infrastructure that increases your network's capacity, making it scalable in the future. Instel streamlines network operations through smart, unified management tools that improve the IT and user experience.

Access points

Instel installs high-performance access points on your network that are easy to manage for implementations in outdoor and indoor environments, as well as in remote work spaces.

Unified administration tools

Instel implements unified and automated network management that simplifies and streamlines operations under a comprehensive security approach.

Gateways and controllers

Instel provides solutions that improve WLAN performance by providing visibility, control and ensuring seamless roaming.


  • Improved network performance. Through real-time visibility of network status.
  • Simplified operations. By incorporating network intelligence.
  • Increased security. With role-based access control.
  • Improved user experience. Guaranteeing the network's availability and resilience.
  • Mobility management. Through centralised administration.

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Wireless connectivity

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