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Market situation

The digital transformation places tourists at the centre of any business strategy. Tourists are hyper-connected and demanding customers who want a high-value experience.

In order to meet these digital expectations and ensure business management is more efficient, competitive and resilient, the tourism sector needs to invest in automating processes and improving user experience.

Sector challenges

Digitise the customer experience

Omni-channel shopping experiences must be at the centre of the sector's strategy. The digitisation of day-to-day life must be highlighted in the sector by offering unique experiences to customers that encourage their loyalty and drive consumption.

Offering a unique experience at the destination starts from the moment the customer enters the establishment. Solutions that speed up and simplify entry processes save time and improve convenience for users.

Analysing and detecting patterns in customers' behaviour at the destination enables smarter decisions to be made based on data that helps to improve internal processes in the sector and improve future visitor experiences.

Agile, secure and quality connectivity is an essential and determining element during the customer's stay. Enriching guest experiences also requires more reliable and smarter networks.

Personalised and seamless communication is essential in the tourism sector. Tools that enable simple and fully-integrated interactions through any channel should be optimised.

The diversity of work shifts and the large volume of employees in the tourism sector require tools that automate and simplify HR management.

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Leader in the sector

Case studies


Biometric payment solutions at the destination offer unique and personalised shopping experiences.

Interactive visitor check-in totems enable a complete customer check-in and check-out process.

Behaviour analysis and contextual assistance tools support smarter decision making and improve user experience.

Promoting high-performance wireless networks with central management enables faster service delivery and better guest experiences.

Implementing collaborative tools provides fast, simple and secure omni-channel interactions.

Time control systems favour optimal and unified transfer management, improving user identification and security.

Situación del mercado

La transformación digital sitúa al turista en el centro de cualquier estrategia empresarial. El sector se encuentra frente a un cliente hiperconectado y exigente que demanda una experiencia de alto valor.
Con el objetivo de cumplir dichas expectativas digitales y hacer frente a una gestión más eficiente, competitiva y resiliente del negocio, el sector turístico debe invertir en automatizar procesos y mejorar la experiencia del usuario.

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