Lacoste optimizes the retail stores network using IP videomanagment solutions



Basi S.A is a Catalonian Company dedicated to design, manufacturing and merchandising textile products and accessories. Gets 131 establishments, between franchises and own branches. Also, Basi is the only authorized dealer of French sign Lacoste, which manufactured and commercialized textile products, footwear and belts throughout Spain.

The challenge

The starting point to video system installation was the research of a solution that allows monitoring and reduces the volume of loses that Basi suffered in their stores. Since then, Basi has initiated an evolutionary process where has accumulated experience and has expanded the possibilities and applications of his system.

“The Basi S.A. staff response regard to this system had been so positive and the access demand to this cameras increases every day. Although at the moment we can provide access to all departments, we hope that in a near future with the arrival of H264 video compression we can provide them. Our goal is implement this system in all branches, always keeping in mind the particular problems of everyone”

Josep Sánchez
IT Manager Basi S.A.

The solution

The first step was to contact with an analogic video system supplier and installed a pilot test. After a short period of use, verify the results and manifested that some items of installation didn’t comply with the previous requirements. The Basi IT department, suggested as an alternative a video system based in IP technology, for this reason contacted with INSTEL.

INITIAL PHASE: PILOT TEST. As initial phase, carried out a pilot test of Axis video cameras in the Lacoste store of Gran Vía (Madrid). We checked that this system could Work using the preexisting Intranet infrastructure of the stores. This net was connected to the Basi head office, which involved an important saving in installation costs. Once concluded this test phase and checked its adequacy, we proceeded to replay in 7 stores.

IMPLEMENTATION IN THE REST OF STORES: The implementation of the video system was adapted to the design of every store. To do this, was carried some previous studies to evaluate the risk factors of every store and the quantification of installation costs.


Marketing Department
  • Monitoring the volume of loses and theft
  • Real time vision: Control of sell points from the office (PC +Intranet)
  • Reduction of physical trips to the stores.
  • Time saving associate to trips
  • People counting. The software installed offers statistical monitoring about the customers affluence to the stores.
  • Coordination of advertising campaign and promotions. The use of Ip cameras had allowed monitoring and coordinate that the promotion products are in the appropriate area.
  • Brand image homogeneity in all stores: Allows analyses and enhance the design of stores, all of them, maintains a linear corporative image.
  • Improvement of the quality service.
Finantial Department
  • Costs saving. Cost reduce in physical trips to the stores and costs saving using the same network infrastructure
  • Fast ROI
IT Department
  • Integration of IP video as a common element of the network.

Technology Partner