The Human Resources department plays a strategic role inside the organization, therefore is necessary to have access to innovative TIC tools that allow an optimized management of resources and provide a collaborative environment.
The implementation of time and attendance system allows to manage the presence, issues, absenteeism and offer a tracking of productivity that helps in the decision-making process.

Below, we highlight some benefits that should provide a solution presence control:

Time Management optimization

An effective timetable management improve the flexibility and increased information in the organization. The time and attendance solutions must provide:

  • Attendance control, work leave, issues, agreements, holidays
  • Time management and work calendars
  • Multi-company and multi-center time managment

Productivity and performance improvement

Efficiency development is essential in any company. The capacity analysis, the costs and workers performance are ítems that must be mesured and analyzed.
Time and attendance solutions allow to display in a graphic format: the average absence by center, the work ratios by department, category or section, enable to detect organizational issues and helps in the decisión-making.

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Empowerment of collaborative environments

To involve workers in the company dynamics encourage to the improved productivity as well as organizational transparency. Therefore, the time and attendance solutions must facilitate the participation using work portals.
A web portal allows to workers and supervisors to make markeings, queries and requests in a descentralization and self-management way. It is a powerful tool to reduce the routine tasks to HR staff.

Integration with other management enterprise applications

The implementation of a time and attendance system should be be integrated with existing processes , human resources and security management applications. Integration with: human resources, general services, phisical security, TIC security and other departments that can need services of a corporative identification system.

At Instel, have an extensive background in the implementation of time and attendence solutions. If your company is valuing the implementation of a time and attendance solution, please do not hesitate to contact with Instel.