Access and presence control

We provide all the access control devices that help companies increase security and manage their day to day.

What is it?

Professional solutions are included for the identification and control through: access control, time control, visitor management and biometrics solutions.
These solutions combine the latest technology market, innovative design, intuitive and secure usability solutions, and single source for hardware and software integration.

What part do we play?

  • A complete range of flexible devices, innovative and competitive costs
  • A high level of competence in smartcards, RFID, NFC, and PKI biometrics
  • Intemo is the only Spanish manufacturer, that develops their own hardware and software
  • IP and open solutions
  • A single platform which controls access, schedules, visitors, card issuance, room booking and lunch counter management
  • Multimedia solutions: Wide range of contactless cards (HF), Biometrics, Registrations, Tag’s, Barcodes, Magnetic Stripes, Mobile Phones. All of those devices are capable of safely read, write and record


  • Increased corporate security
  • Cost savings through a single central administration
  • Cost optimization in implementation and maintenance
  • Improving Business Productivity

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Related products

Physical, presence and time control access devices
Cards and control readers


  • Proximity Cards: Time and control access (schedules, presence and production) for payments.
  • Cryptographic Cards: Electronic signature, logical access to computer systems, encryption and data protection.
  • Hybrid Cards: A cryptographic contacts chip and a proximity chip are incorporated in the same card
  • Dual interface cards: A cryptographic chip interface for contacts and proximity are incorporated in the same card.

  • Readers

  • RFID Proximity Card Readers
  • Dual proximity card and smart contact card readers
  • External Readers with USB connection for smart contact cards
  • Internal Readers (bayside type) with USB connection for contact cards, computer system cards and Express format Cards.
  • Biometric Readers
Software Solutions
  • Access control “Move Manager Intemo AC”: Professional Solution for Access Control Management
  • TIME CONTROL “Move Manager Intemo TA”: Professional Solution for Time Control Management and Access Control.
  • VISITS MANAGEMENT “Intemo Visit Manager”: Professional Solution for Visits Management.
  • ISSUANCE AND CARDS DESIGN: Intemo Card Manager: Professional Solution for Identifying cards Issuance and Management.
  • INTEMO XMOVE DRIVER: Professional Solution for Integration of RFID and Biometrics in other subsystems.
  • INTEMO PROFILER: Professional Solution for App Creation in the cards.
Development and Production of customized secure identification systems

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