An intelligent access management must provide the highest standards of security, efficiency and flexibility. But when we are also faced with environments with a high influx of users, such as casinos, sports clubs, fairs, concert halls, museums, access solutions must offer high performance in terms of frequency, management and validation of the data collected.

Effective management of visitor flows

An agile step frequency will make the difference between fast and efficient queue management or the generation of organizational chaos in user management. A direct impact on both the business and the end user, which will have an impact on the customer’s use experience and on their prescription and repetition capacity.

Agile and secure user matching

At the same time, data management must provide a user matching process with a fast and 100% effective SQL database that allows its correct authentication. This process must be able to identify special user conditions such as: Access through promotions, access to VIP areas, etc. As well as the identification of unauthorized users, black list.

Move Manager, an ally in access management

Move manager, is an access management software adapted to environments of high influx of users that allows identification by:

  • RFID / card / bracelets / Keyrings
  • Mobile Phone / NFC / Bluetooth
  • Biometric recognition
  • Bar Codes

It has special options for automatic payments and modules oriented to customer loyalty that will allow you to create loyalty programs focussed to generating greater value for your business.

With the configuration of different roles, system operators will be able to deploy and maintain complex access control projects adapting to the security policies and practices established by the organization.

Move Manager, is created under an open architecture and full IP that allows easy integration with other subsystems present in the organization as security elements or ticketing systems.

Additionally, Move Manager covers access management and company’s specific needs under a single platform: Time and attendance solutions, reservations of meeting rooms, visit control system.

We have an extensive track record in the implementation of access projects in sectors such as gaming halls, water parks, automatic billing solutions for large camping complexes, sports stadiums.

Are you considering implementing an access solution in environments with a large influx of visitors? Contact with Instel and we will assess the specific needs of your project.