Mobile experience is a key element to the company marketing strategy. Mobile video, geolocation services, advertising on mobile devices are currently essential items for marketers.

Among them, the geolocation has taken a significant step to approach consumers to commercial establishments. But once inside… Do you know how retain your customers? How enhace their shopping experience? Would you like to interact with them?

Imagine a mobile marketing solution focussed in geolocation that allows you:

  • Offer free Wi-Fi to customers who enter the store
  • Guide clients inside the store using indoor location system
  • Retain customers longer inside the store through a customized shopping experience
  • Targeting customers: Get detailed information about preferences, interests, sociodemographic profile
  • Offer customized promotions according to preferences and based on location
  • Influences in their buying decisions: provides incentives to eat, buy and relax in your business

These features are “Mobile Engagement”, the interactive ad customized mobile solution based on wifi and geolocation services by Aruba Networks. A wordwide leader Company that offers mobility and connectivity solutions.

Who should use this service?

Retail stores, shopping centres, hospitals, resort hotels, airports, stadiums and convention centres.

Discover the potencial of “Mobile Engagement” in this video:

Watch the video “Mobile Engagement”

Do you want to know more about “Mobile Engagement”?

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