Instel celebrates 50 years of life in the telecommunications market. A long period that has required a constant evolution, as a response to the challenges of a changing sector and, at the same time, has consolidated its position as an ICT services company.

Founded in 1971, Instel was created with the aim of bringing closer and enhancing communications in companies through the installation of telephone networks. Over the years, INSTEL has diversified and now offers specialized services in corporate communications, connectivity, computer engineering and cybersecurity.

Five decades focusing efforts on bringing value to customers

Instel has evolved but its values remain the same as those that drove Manuel Martínez Morán 50 years ago when he founded the company: commitment, professionalism and customer orientation.

“We have changed, we have grown, we have grown, we have endured crises…. However, we are proud to say that, despite this continuous evolution, fifty years later, we maintain the values of our founder, Manuel Martínez Morán, based on professionalism, quality and focus on our main asset: the Client”.

Manel Martínez, Commercial Director of INSTEL

Boosting the digitalization of companies

In a context of technological transformation as accelerated as the current one, INSTEL bets more than ever on a constant focus on innovation and value creation for companies.

A boost to digitization, which is addressed through projects tailored to the specific needs of each sector and company, through a real and proactive support.

“We want to help companies face future challenges in an agile and effective way. Therefore, at Instel we take care of the projects from start to finish, offering a real and proactive support through consulting, engineering, implementation and maintenance of the solutions.”

Alex Martínez, Chief Financial Officer of INSTEL

We are confident that we will continue to be a valued technology partner in the coming years. Our efforts and dedication are directed towards this.

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