Attacks on companies are on the rise. Two out of three companies have been victims of ransomware this past year.*

The increase in attacks on IoT devices and systems, cloud services, home networks, tools and solutions associated with teleworking, make up a new reality where the advance of technology has led to a diversification and sophistication in attacks.

In addition, it is increasingly difficult to manage a growing number of devices with different purposes and connectivity needs. It is therefore necessary to have a global cybersecurity strategy that helps to adequately face these new challenges.

What areas of cybersecurity do we cover?

Identity and access management

  • Establishment of permissions
  • Management of access to local/remote systems and applications
  • Assigning, maintaining and controlling user profiles

Workstation security

  • Security in the operating systems of the devices that are in front of the user.
  • Security in the local environment, in the user’s hardware and software.

Application and data security

Security of applications and data, from local to remote storage systems. 

Systems security

Centralized protection of the company’s computer systems against security incidents, both preventive and reactive. 

Network security

Tools to ensure the security of remote access of equipment between networks, and the transfer of information.

At INSTEL we provide a global cybersecurity strategy offering services ranging from vulnerability analysis, intrusion testing, network auditing, as well as infrastructure monitoring and management solutions.

INSTEL is part of the catalog of companies and cybersecurity solutions of the National Institute of Cybersecurity of Spain (INCIBE). 

Is your company protected?