As you may have observed in recent months, our business environment has changed. The current situation has only accelerated what was a developing trend: The way people work is changing.

This new situation requires a shift in IT investments to enable organizations to connect employees, transparently and securely, with the collaboration tools they need to succeed in this new reality.

In response to this widespread demand, we want to introduce you to Avaya Cloud Office. The AVAYA manufacturer’s cloud-based communications system with enterprise-grade voice, video, IM / IM, meetings, conferences and collaboration. With Avaya Cloud Office you can easily connect all your corporate team, whether in the office, mobile or remotely to a single system, regardless of its location and ensuring integration with your other business applications.

A solution for all your communication needs that does not require local hardware for its implementation or maintenance and incorporates telephone consumption in the monthly subscription fee: you use it and we manage it for you.

Contact us and enjoy the special conditions of the Avaya Cloud Office launch, which includes a 25% discount on the monthly subscription fee, availability of IP terminals at no cost and a free trial period

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