Are you looking for a simple and agile solution to manage access, visits, schedules, and space reservations?

With the aim of helping organizations to be safer, more comfortable, and sustainable, we are pleased to introduce, in collaboration with INTEMO TECHNOLOGIES, a leading manufacturer of intelligent identification and management solutions, the new range of devices for access, attendance, visitor, and space management.

The new Next range is developed with special attention to its design to seamlessly integrate into any type of architecture. It offers a more accessible and faster menu of functionalities and incorporates Power over Ethernet (POE) for all its devices.

NextAccess: Electronic devices with touchscreen for access control

The NextAccess range incorporates solutions for variable demand flows in access permissions, providing a consistent and centralized management system for buildings that require ease of integration and scalability.

  • Interactive 3.5" touchscreen
  • Customization with corporate identity
  • Intuitive and user-friendly navigation interface
  • QR reader and/or optical biometric sensor
  • Internal relay for activating external elements
  • Opto-isolated input for signal detection

NextIDPass: Devices for corporate access and visitor management

The NextIDPass range consists of devices for efficient corporate and visitor access management. They seamlessly integrate with any market-leading access control system.

NextPress: Multi-application devices for time registration and work time management for employees and collaborators

The NextPress range consists of next-generation multi-function devices, evolving their touchscreen size from 5.7" to 7" and incorporating a faster CPU that increases from 400 MHz to 1 GHz.

  • Interactive 7" touchscreen
  • Customization with corporate identity
  • Intuitive and user-friendly navigation interface
  • RFID, PIN, and/or fingerprint reader
  • Two internal relays for activating external elements
  • Two opto-isolated inputs for signal detection

RoomManager: Devices for space reservation

RoomManager allows scheduling and reserving the use of a specific space, such as rooms, auditoriums, lockers, and more. It's a multi-company and multi-center solution with online booking options through an app, website, or physical panel.

  • Bookings and service requests on the same device in real-time
  • Automatic detection of room blocks and unoccupied reservations
  • User identification through code, card, and/or fingerprint
  • Advanced search options for availability, center, capacity, and available resources.
If you are looking to implement a comprehensive and efficient solution for access management, attendance, visitor management, and/or space reservation, at INSTEL, we can help you address your challenges. We are here to answer all your questions, provide personalized advice, and assist you in finding the solution that best suits your needs. Shall we talk?

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