Identify who and what is accessing your network is a constant challenge. In addition to preventing malicious users from accessing your network, you must protect devices and applications without obstacles.

The challenge: Identify what’s in your network and protect it

Currently, 77% percent of companies do not have a security system in their networks. They have firewalls, they have antivirus, but they can’t control who and what connects to their networks.
Firewalls and other security tools protect only the perimeter, but do not have visibility into the existing risk “within” the network, a risk that is exploited daily.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you know which devices are connected or connected to your wireless or wired network?
  • What tool do you currently use to have that unique vision about security?
  • How do you gain visibility about what’s on the network? What tool do you use to know which devices are connected wirelessly and wired at this time?
  • Does your business have an active network access policy for employees, personal devices of employees and guests?
  • What do you do to ensure that your network access policy reflects the type of devices and connections currently in use?

Keys to a healthy network: Visibility, security response and control

To apply security standards throughout your business, you need to protect your company’s network access control (NAC). A network security that provides:

  • Visibility about what connects to your network
  • Control of your network devices
  • A unified response for when your network is threatened

Aruba ClearPass is changing the NAC space to help you understand what’s in your network and protect your information.

Aruba Clearpass: The NAC solution for managing network access policies.

ClearPass provides detection and profiling of devices so that you know at all times which devices are connected or connected to the network wirelessly or by cable, regardless of the provider. By accessing this information easily, you can be sure that your access policy responds to the security challenges we face today.

Download additional information about the NAC solution: ARUBA CLEARPASS

The time has come to protect your network!

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